Beautiful Earthship/Earthbag interior fireplace

The Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse from Vetsch Architektur is a set of nine Hobbit-style houses built to augment rather than ruin the existing landscape.

organic architecture whole tree architecture. Savin Couëlle

Although he maintains bases in both Milan and Porto Cervo, Sardinia, self-described “gypsy architect” Savin Couëlle is more often than not traveling the world, overseeing multiple projects on several.

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Maison écologique en Suisse à l’inspiration proche de la nature

Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse is a residential area composed of nine unconventional homes and located in Dietikon, Switzerland. Here is a project description from Vetsch Architektur; The earth- …

design: Costis Psychas / ph: William Abranowicz

This spa-like Greek bathroom, from the home of hotelier Costis Pychas, features a wooden boat made by a friend and a lantern purchased from a local market — and, of course, a recessed tub for relaxing.

Cob pillars are the dominating architectural feature in this room. I do like the open space feeling.

CURVE APPEAL Donald Jasinski says he finds the domed ceilings and rounded columns of his earth-sheltered house more congenial to the human body. In the living room, south-facing windows allow plenty of light to penetrate interior spaces.


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Inside a Peter Vetsch Earth House

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Earth Houses are an exquisite, environmentally conscious series of constructions created by the renonwed Swiss architect, Peter Vetsch.

Interior de uma casa de superadobe.

Casa de superadobe: você mesmo pode fazer

Oh!! I have a picture of this house saved from years ago! Its still my dream eco house!!

The Hobbit House - Built from the ground up. Site also has instructions and resources used when building this low-impact woodland home in Wales.

a Waldorf nursery school,  Australia

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Love nature inside and wood calms us down. I think the design of your bedroom is very important.

21 Amazing Treehouse Accommodations Around the World : La Sultana Oualidia, Morocco like the wood, reminds me of Blanca hasienda in Costa Rica