The Walking Dead

Lori, Carl, Sophia, and Carol

.TWD. It's nice to see them all happy and loving. On the show all it is is sadness and blood mixed with death.

Lauren Cohan - Maggie Greene, Laurie Holden - Andrea, Emily Kinney - Beth Greene and Steven Yeun - Glenn Rhee, etc - The Walking Dead Cast

The Walking Dead. Omigod this pic is so freaking epic

The Walking Dead: Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

No description needed..........just pure awesomeness!

I just want to bask in the goodness that is Norman Reedus. I believe this is what they call the Norman Reedus effect. (Thank you to the Norman Reedus.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster

A new poster I came up with for the mid-season break of the season of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead Season 4 poster