What Disney characters would look like in everyday clothing. Wonderful :3

Disney characters in traditional garb.

"If Disney characters wore modern clothing - Cute, but if Rapunzel had bangs, wouldn't they have turned brown?" Yes but this looks like it was still blonde & before her hair was cut & turned brown.

Elaina (left, 12), Esmerelda (middle, 11), and Ennith (right, 14). They are sisters. None of them have powers. their parents died in a flash flood and they need a new family badly. ADOPTED

I was really confused at first, because I saw the brown hair and I was like, how is that Rapunzel >>Anna, Rapunzel and Elsa

Princess and Queen of Arendelle

Elsa and her mother (Queen Idun of Arendelle) from "Frozen" - Art by shizu The feels!

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