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Left-handed bowline -- also known as the Dutch bowline, or cowboy bowline

Zeppelin Bend | How to tie the Zeppelin Bend | Boating Knots

The Zeppelin Bend. This bend is believed to be the strongest and most reliable way to join two ropes (of equal diameter)

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Animated knot- step by step instructions for over 100 knots!

Tutorial on Double Fisherman's, or Grapevine Bend, Knot Tying... But in wedding colors for the ceremony.

Double Fisherman's, or Grapevine Bend, My favorite bend, Finishes nicely. Use to make simple cord bracelets or adjustable loops.

How to tie an Ashley's Bend


Ashley's Bend is a very secure way of joining two lines. Especially when working with thin rope. In this HOW TO TIE KNOTS, learn how to tie an Ashley's Bend

Know your knots - how to tie a sheet bend knot

How to Tie a Sheet Bend Knot Step by Step with Pictures and Video


6 Must-Know Knots for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Sheet Bend is recommended for joining two ropes of unequal size. The thicker rope must be used for the simple bight as shown. It works equally well if the ropes are of the same size.

Zeppelin bend- used this to make a loop of shock cord- (will see how it holds...)

The Zeppelin Bend is a secure and slip-resistant knot which is easily untied even after heavy loading ‪