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Curly hair problems

I don't have curly hair but I do have thick hair and a dime sized amount or even a quarter sized amount is not enough

I get so sick of having to straighten first then style. Bad for my hair too. :(


Straight-haired styles are everywhere! I don't have half the patience though.

Curly hair problem 222

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Curly hair problem 222 or having to capture that rare moment when your hair is perfect!

submitted by Anon :)

Curly Hair Problems

submitted by Anon :)


okay I wasn't going to make a special board for this but if you truly have curly hair, you don't do this...


SERIOUSLY been battling my curly hair my entire life! Curly Hair Problem - already knew this, didn't have a better board to pin it to.

Dear non-mixed people,  Don't, I repeat don't, give me hair advice!


it's probably raining outside, which then of course means the time spent straightening all this hair was, in fact, POINTLESS. and you now resemble a drowned, curly rat.