Sam Elliot

Just threw this one in to see if you were paying attention. I love Sam Elliott. I would marry him (if I wasn't already married and he wasn't already married). just so happens I married the Sam Elliott sound alike.

Sam Elliott - that voice!

Sam Elliott has the best voice. Not only that, but even as an older guy he is still a HUNK!

Katharine Ross with Sam Elliott.  She's amazing at 73.

An amazing Hollywood couple that have gone the distance, actors Katharine Ross with Sam Elliott.

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American Cowboy chatted with "Tombstone" stars Val Kilmer and Sam Elliott about Westerns and the cowboy life. Check out this audio exclusive and listen to what they had to say!

Sam Elliot - He is probably my longest crush on any living man ever.....ever.....did I say E V E R?

Sam Elliott From the movie "Mask". Another major crush of mine. Such a sexy man.

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Yes, even Sam deserves to be on this board of mine! Sam Elliott, actor, at You know it's it is him talking without even seeing him.

Cher and Sam Elliot in Mask - tough job working with him!!

Cher and Sam Elliot in Mask, loved this movie ! I still think Chef is a better actress than musician, she is very under rated.