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Bahía de Cadaqués

Bahía de Cadaqués

hw(6) Nyasha read reality books. She said she read about reality because you have to know the facts if you ever want to find the solution. She read about news going on for example, the Arabs on the East coast, the Nazis, and more. Sometimes she had nightmares about these things, but Nyasha still kept reading about them.

evidence of first-hand research, quick confident gestural drawings showing a response to this environment, and scrawled annotation, these sketchbook pages – showing the development of ideas for a sculpture entitled ‘Stone Egg’ – .


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Little boy and his towel blowing at the beach. Galleries in Carmel California- Jones & Terwilliger - Corinne Hartley

Sail into Dusk  Colors- ultra. blue, Red, yellow, white.  Brushes: Big flat, medium rounds.

Moment on the Ocean - Easy Brushes - Big flat, Medium and small rounds Colors: Ultra. Blue, Red, Yellow, Black and white