Jean Albano Gallery :: Susan Saladino

Jean Albano Gallery :: Susan Saladino beau mariage du bois et de la terre

The Last Bird- Susan Saladino Sculptures

Susan Saladino, mystiques Sculptures de vie -

Pascale Gautron-Davy - Artiste sculpteur

Pascale Gautron-Davy - Artiste sculpteur

Sculpture céramique de Nnamdi Okonkwo

past work - Nnamdi Okonkwo, Fayetteville, GA - I would call it the Three Graces

annie peaker’s african female figures | Daily Art Muse

African figure in yellow by British Ceramic Artist, Annie Peaker, Kirk Neuk Studio and Gallery, Cumbria - love the colour and movement in this piece!

sally hook

brown - woman with birds - ceramic - sculpture - Sally Hook - "Caera" (pronounced 'saera')

forma del torso de cerámica

Pauline Lee - Ceramic torso form - Stoneware clay textured with plant material and moulded into hollow forms.

Michele Fisher "blossom woman"

Figurative Ceramic Sculpture: blossom woman by Michele Fisher Ceramics and Mixed Media