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Tag yourself I'm Light and Misa is my nonexistent real life bf》》》 I'm L~ Tayah

Death Note Doujinshi Page 107 by Shaami.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Page Over the course of this comic I've been steadily building up a picture of L and Light's room. It was simply a bed in the early pages and now l. Death Note Doujinshi Page 107


Light's face is priceless! XD ~ Death Note<<< you need to calm the fuck down on your drugs and give them to me. << no but seriously, Light's face is just done. L is just a perv

Tags: Death Note, Mello, Near, Matt, Mihael Keehl, Nate River, Mail Jeevas. Art by meronello

Tags: Death Note, Mello, Near, Matt,-I couldn't help it I love these ones

Lol XD  Funny Death Note comic

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Death note

Death note fotos :)

DN - L's ingenious plan by Tenshi-no-Hikari on DeviantArt

Death Note~ Well I'm off to watch some episodes of it with a block of…

I dont make the rules here yall, he's simply the meaning of perfection

L Lawliet! FROM DEATHNOTE! He's soooo adorableeeeeee *DN* and when he died I was so sad and then they brought in Near and I was like here dye your hair black mini L.