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Fern n Fun by Misthallery

Fern and candy version Fun from Adventure Time because they're both amazing. Feeling a little burnt out on Professor Layton art, so I figured this is a good chance to start branching out into.

ask-fern-the-grass-guy:  “ puppymintmocha:  “ “And mom was there and-!”  “Mom? Y-you… really got to meet her?”  “Yeah!”  “… Wow… what was she like?” ”  @finnthehelper  ”

ask-fern-the-grass-guy: “ puppymintmocha: “ “And mom was there and-! Y-you… really got to meet her?


adventuretime: Wait, has this joke been made before? seokim: My first Adventure Time fan art: PB and Jake. I’m sure this joke must have been made before.

This is literally the story of my life. Every summer I think, "hey, I should go for a run instead of a walk! I need to get into shape..." 5 minutes later I'm gasping for air crawling back through the front door. lmfao.

Every time I try to get in shape…

cookieart130:  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINN AND FERN im sorry this is really late but here it is  ”

some very very rough sketches of why my finn-gets-rescued-as-a-baby au (or “rescue time” but its all a work in progress so idk) is the cutest au ever i rest my case