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Burundi | El Traje y el Mundo

Burundi | El Traje y el Mundo

China / Guizhou + Guangxi | Changjiao Miao woman wearing her traditional necklace and elaborate hair style.

A woman from the Long Horn Miao tribe wears a ceremonial hairpiece, woven from her ancestors' hair, over wooden horns. The name of the tribe comes from the wooden horns worn by women to represent the strength of an ox.


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Woman from South Mongolian Üzemchin.National Museum of Mongolia Urjanchai, Ulan Bator

Women’s clothes of South Mongolian Üzemchin. [National Museum of Mongolia Urjanchai, Ulan Bator]

Absolutely gorgeous Burundi woman.  Thank you, God, for this kind of unspeakable beauty.

portrait of an elderly woman in traditional african clothing, Burundi, Karuzi, Buhiga

Sardinia, Italy.

Resultado de imagem para Traditional customs from every part of the world

Chill & Hip Hop Showcased MiVu.photos/chill Amazonas Woman nursing her child. No shame in such a natural, beautiful act of love ❤️

“ Flagrant the Indian mother breastfeeding her child adorned with paintings and ornaments typical of his tribe. The real owners of Brazil, a country of many races. These Indians are members of the.

http://ift.tt/1hbOuyP - Yading, Tibet -Traditional Clothing of our World

Girl in Yading, Tibet, wearing traditional style earrings and necklaces from the area - bijoux tibétains du tibet - tibetan ethnic jewelry

Wonderful image of a Lakota Dancer~ Fancy dancer, my fav

Native American in full tribal regalia. this is the Spirit come to life. If you've never been to a Native American Pow Wow, put it on your bucket list.


Married Ndebele woman in traditional dress. Ndebele village, Lesedi Cultural Village, near Johannesburg, South Africa