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RP: ~looks up takes the gun~ I don't know what else to do. ~puts my finger on the trigger~

Resultado de imagen para enomoto natsuki

Resultado de imagen para enomoto natsuki


ADOPTEDThis is Melody she is very sweet and funny. Melody is 16 adopt?

My dad just deleted my profile on netflix so i couldn't watch anymore anime because its "inappropriate" when it was just soul eater, and im so sad, he doesn't want me to watch anime anymore, anime is my whole life, im going to die without it, and i dont know what episode i was on so i cant watch it online either, and it's not on crunchy roll, IM GOING TO DIE I HAVE NOTHING WITHOUT ANIME, ANIME WAS THE ONE THING THAT MADE ME HAPPY! IM SERIOUSLY CRYING

Open RP I'm the guy can you be the girl in the picture)) I smile at you." You hide further into you hoodie.