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Daily motivation (25 photos)

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Bedtime Drink- 100 calories and only 4 ingredients!

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Bedtime Drink

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life, At Home, For FREE. Daily video workouts, motivation, and extensive meal plans to help you live a healthy life

250 vs 150 pounds:  Of major concern is the fatty tissue that has developed INSIDE of the 250lb person.  It is surrounding his internal organs and poses a serious health risk.

Body scan of 250 lb woman and 120 lb woman. Not that a women needs to weigh 120 lbs.but the damage obesity causes. Look at the size of the intestines and stomach; how the knee joints rub together; the enlarged heart; and the fat pockets near the brain.

Strive to get better not perfect

Sometimes those who strive for perfection waste the rest of their lives reaching for it <--- TRUTH. always strive for progress.

should i work out today? flowchart/infographic.

Daily motivation (25 photos)

LOVE IT! I'm under reconstruction. Fitness, exercise, motivation.

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