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I just crouch into a smaller ball when someone pokes me! But Levi is so freaking CUUUTE!


belt black hair boots cape dual wielding giant highres na shi nail rivaille shingeki no kyojin short hair simple background solo sword thigh strap weapon

Fan Art: Midorima's Levi Ackerman #41007844 | i.ntere.st

Read from the story Imágenes Ereri/Riren N° II by Kosaothekiller (kosao - chan) with reads.

I just died XDDDD

Read Straight outta the undeground from the story ATTACK ON CRACK! Funny comics and pictures. by ClassyAckerman (✨Anime ✨) with 311 reads. lol, fanfiction, l.

Attack on Titan | Levi

Attack on Titan | Levi

It's happening! Stay calm, Levi smiled in the OVA with Isabel and Farlan!

hahah this is me everyone say think when I smile cuz I dont smile alot like levi.

Levi heichou

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Rivaille (Levi) - Attack on Titan

Levi Heichou, Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin" Any farther and we may have problems.