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Mean humans

KaelahBee: Things I Love Thursday, shark week. I will take it from you sharkt *goes up to him/er and pats her/him on the nose* good shark

The kind of friends we need in our lives

The kind of friends we need in our lives

That took a turn down the wrong flipping road

>> I have no idea how to react>>>Bearshark. After he's eaten by Shark, Bear and Shark always high five.

Wait , but there's this scene in Aladdin, where the dudes go "he's got a sword!" And the other dude goes "You fools! We've all got swords!"

Funny pictures about OMG Shark! Oh, and cool pics about OMG Shark! Also, OMG Shark!

Damn...these all suck lmao

When you reckon something bad happened, remember these and think again.