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Battle of the Sexes: the Truth About Engagement Rings

Here is a graphic visual representation from The Diamond Store of opinions between men and women at different stages of the engagement process.

I'm not a numbers person, but I am a Valentine's Day person - this is pretty interesting!

Why Are People Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts For Their Pets?

Hope everyone had a good weekend! To start the week off right, I thought I would share this infographic with all of you. Thank you to my roommate for the suggestion. Though a very taboo theme, porn is something that is very present in society. Like i

Porn Laws Around the World - Porn Legality Map - Infographic

Modern Family Cleanup Survey #Infographic #HomeImprovement

See How Families Around The Country Handle This Dreaded Chore [Infographic]

"how your father's favorite music indicates what you listen to today" (don't know where mom fits in...) - i * should* listen to chopin, but i hateses it :s i grew up under the influence of (mostly) bach, vivaldi, flamenco, medieval, russian and south american folk, classic rock 'n' roll, leonard cohen, simon & garfunkel and queen. explains a lot.

How Your Father's Music Indicates What You Listen to Today [InfoGraphic] - Interesting

German infographic about preferred partners.

Perfect: The Ideal Partner [infographic] Looks seem to have a lot to do with relationships and today’s graphic only supports that claim.

A sudden urge for tattoos after professing your disdain for them? Lol...I know someone who's having an obvious one....

Psychology infographic and charts 10 Purchases That Might Indicate A Midlife Crisis. Infographic Description 10 Purchases That Might Indicate A Midlife C

Post Across the Globe    #infographic #Post #Business

Being able to send a letter across the globe in a short amount of time is vital in today's world. This view was also held by the Persian King, Darius over years ago. This is the reason he set up the first ever postal service.

Top 10 household chores that cause the most arguments

A new UK-wide survey by Betta Living has revealed the nation’s top 10 domestic chores that are causing huge tension in today's homes.

15 Housemate Personality Types We've All Encountered  [by Terrys Fabrics -- via #tipsographic]. More at tipsographic.com

We've all lived with one of these types of people, which ones have you lived with? Take a look at this hilarious infographic from Terrys Fabrics about the 15 housemate personality types we've all encountered.

10 Easter Infographics That Will Make You An Easter Eggs-pert!

10 Easter Infographics That Will Make You An Easter Eggs-pert!

Entertaining Food - How Food can Bring your Party to Life #Infographics

When it comes to party planning food is more than just a meal its part of the entertainment Interactive food stations are not only fun.

Who’s Better At Managing Money? Men vs Women

The stereotype about male breadwinners is no longer so widespread and the role of women in global economy is increasing. However, the way men and women approach money still varies substantially.

Like your date to be dirty infographic http://www.iqcatch.com/

My Dirty Valentine: Getting The Dirt On Dating (infographic)

Subscription Boxes #Infographic

Meet Your New Favorite Box [Infographic]

Psychology : #Infographic indicates that it is intelligence itself that influences alcohol

Psychology : #Infographic indicates that “it is intelligence itself that influences alcohol...

Psychology : #Infographic indicates that it is intelligence itself that influences alcohol