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When I said I wanted to help Santee...I meant with the prezents!!

I love Christmas - Animals Funny Pictures

IMG_5171 by Helene Bassaraba on Flickr. This is our Sashas twin !

* * " Nexts year, Santa, brings me shoulder pads! Me haz a war to wage wif me humans 'bout costumin'. It not be justs Christmas dat dey dress me miserably.

✝ςђгเรt๓คร קคฬร✝

Jaunty Santa Cat in Hat.

Santa kitty

* * " Me onlys wear dis to sophisticated parties, soes me be leavin'.

I want You for Christmas

Cats, kitten & nothing else

fjarilflickans's photo on Instagram Christmas Ragdoll cat Santa

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Santa Paws  Wishing You a Purr-fect Christmas

* * KITTEH THOUGHT: "Thinks of how stewpid de average human be; den realize dat overs half be stewpider den dat.


cat, christmas and holiday image on We Heart It

Sweet gray Santa kitty! For more Christmas cats, visit https://www.facebook.com/funholidaycats

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Kalėdų elfas https://www.amazon.com/Painting-Educational-Learning-Children-Toddlers/dp/B075C1MC5T

The purrfect Christmas feline!

Maine Coon Cat dressed as Santa. My ruthie would not wear a costume.

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Christmas Cat!!!!

Cute Christmas Kitty For more Christmas Cats, visit…

Christmas Cat

absolutely beautiful isn't she?



Christmas Cat #cat http://pinterest.com/ahaishopping/

kitten wearing a Christmas hat

A sweet Christmas present for a loving family.  What an angel

Pretty Little Ginger Christmas Kitten Wearing a Santa Hat.