Love this idea for displaying work! Use clipboards on a bulletin board! Makes it VERY easy to change work out!

Clutter-Free Classroom: Student Work Displays - Setting Up the Classroom Series - set up a student display area instead of making bulletin boards.

This pin incorporates social studies and writing to write a classroom Bill of Rights. This would mean that students have to learn about the Bill of Rights and then decide what ideas represent the class to write their own version for the classroom. This could be done for many other things also.

Classroom Bill of Rights. I would use this after discussing the Bill of Rights and once the students have an understanding of what the Bill of Rights were and and types of issues they covered we would then be able create our own Classroom Bill of Rights.

Mapping the Classroom....did this with kindergarten ears and they loved it! Great team activity

Mapping the Classroom.did this with kindergarten ears and they loved it! Great team activity--just use some tactual paper & this is great for our kids

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LOVE THIS great exit ticket idea What Stuck With You sign for your classroom. Students use post-it notes to show what they learned and then stick it right on the poster.