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hound love! Black and tan and a redbone coonhound

Black and tan and a redbone coonhound looks like my Belle and Rip!

Coon hound.. My girls would love him.

If I had a Coon hound I would name him/her copper (from fox and the hound), or bandit (from Johnny quest). Or maybe Pluto (from Mickey Mouse).

Maybellene - Black And Tan Coonhound

Something my Murphy would do.Maybellene black and tan coonhound. "Uh, you mentioned something about dropping by Burger King. I'm jes remindin' you.

Tree it up

This represents one of the settings in the book. After Billy got enough money to buy the dogs he took them out and went coon hunting all the time with the dogs, so he could train them and take them to competitions.

Miniature Basset Hound | mini basset hound 1 10 from 30 votes mini basset hound 1 10 from 40 ...

cute basset hound pup - they look a bit weary all the time - maybe it's because those ears weigh so much