Kitsune 狐 significa zorro, animal que constituye un elemento de singular importancia en el folclore japonés, de hecho se utiliza para nombrar a un espíritu cuya función clásica es la de proteger bosques y aldeas.

Kitsune 狐 sMany of these more modern Japanese masks have charming features and brilliant characterisation but wouldn't stand-up on stage.

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Yabusame (流鏑馬) is a type of mounted archery in traditional Japanese archery.

狐のお面(きつねのおめん)覆面/マスク/仮面 ハーフ 赤 鈴付き 154-450

狐のお面(きつねのおめん)覆面/マスク/仮面 ハーフ 赤 鈴付き 154-450


Fox Wedding 狐の嫁入り Actually the term Kitsune no Yomeiri [狐の嫁入り] refers to the occurrence of rain occurring during brilliant sunshine, which is said to occur a fox bride is going through the woods to the house of her fox groom.


きつねの嫁入り~法静寺・福徳稲荷社~ - お城めぐり

tanuki-kimono:Kitsune no yomeiri (Fox wedding procession) in...

tanuki-kimono: “Kitsune no yomeiri (Fox wedding procession) in Kyoto, by Prado ”

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