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Ryan Gosling Photos Photos: Ryan Gosling Arriving On A Flight In Toronto

Ryan Gosling Photos - Actor Ryan Gosling arriving at the airport in Toronto, Canada. Ryan is in town for the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. - Ryan Gosling Arriving On A Flight In Toronto

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (Crazy, Stupid, Love)

Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone - Jacob and Hannah in Crazy Stupid Love - Hannah to Jacob "Will you take off your shirt.

Double dose of Ryan - what a dream come true

A world with two Ryan Gosling's is pretty much like every Christmas and every birthday combined

Hey girl, I'm starring in a movie with Bradley Cooper. You're welcome. - Ryan Gosling

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand I love me a Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme!

Ryan Gosling. I miss the days when I loved him and nobody else knew who he was. That was pre-The Notebook when he did mostly indie films.

I seriously think Ryan Gosling should play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades movies! White linen unbuttoned shirt and all! He's def hot enough :)

Hey girl, Don't worry, I know which scissors you use for fabric and which scissors you use for paper. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl- he knows not to use the fabric scissors on paper!

More Teachers: Best Ryan Gosling Memes of All Time - Celebrity Pictures | Hollyscoop

This is really stupid, but when I read it, it made me laugh from a teacher perspective. Just the idea of the hot guy telling you (the teacher) that you rocked your new seating arrangement. Something about it just made me giggle.

Crochet quote to melt a girl's heart.  I'm going to teach my husband to memorize this... ;)

Ryan Gosling - Hey girl, I totally don't mind finding your unfinished projects all over the house. They remind me of you when I see them.

Why yes it is!! lol would it matter if it wasn't?! BAHAHA!!

Chicken Tagine with Olives and Lemons

I don't even get Ryan Gosling but this is hilarious. My sewing table isn't sturdy, but my cutting table? Oh yeah baby.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams when they actually dated. And women all over the world feel their ovaries swell and sigh.

“I mean, God bless The Notebook. It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life. But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and.