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The Living Voice Vox Olympian is a synthesis of fine furniture making, fine art and cutting edge acoustic science. The physical appearance has a balance of form, proportion and materials that is essentially ‘classical’: a reflection of the extensive use of the Golden Ratio and ‘Fibonacci Sequence’, a technique that uses the laws of nature and geometry to create perfectly natural sound.

Struik and Hamerslag UK Ltd have been appointed by Definitive Audio, as their exclusive cabinet maker for the Living Voice Vox Olympian Loudspeaker

"The Living Voice - Vox Olympian, Audiophile High End Speakers...Now, If This´s Not A Proof That Humans Have Alien´s DNA...Then Tell Me What It Will !...  http://about.me/Samissomar

The Living Voice Vox Olympian - Built exclusively to order from to depending on materials and finish. Audiophile high end audio (fb)

Living Voice Vox Olympian #homedecor #PutDownYourPhone #Carde

Living Voice Vox Olympian #homedecor #PutDownYourPhone #Carde

QuarterWave - Bluetooth Transmission Line Speakers by Cary Gallaway & Donald Thomas — Kickstarter

Cary Gallaway & Donald Thomas is raising funds for QuarterWave - Bluetooth Transmission Line Speakers on Kickstarter! Brilliant sound and sexy appearance paired with Bluetooth technology designed to release the audiophile in all of us.

¡Esto es lo más original que hemos visto!

This shiny horn is actually iPhone peripheral products. Just place iphone into the upper end of the horn, iPhone volume is magnified.