Six Interlocking Square Prisms – also by Michal Pikula

Designer & folder: Michal Pikula Paper: copy paper (Optix) Unit: rectangle rectangle 72 units Folded in January 2014

Упаковка своими руками / Gift Box Packaging Tutorial #pack #packaging

Great way make the pillow box any size by drawing a square grid and using your compass.

kirigami card templates - Buscar con Google

★ Origamic Architecture Instructions & Free Kirigami Templates â˜

Origami Miniature High Density Hydrangea Tessellation | Origami Tutorials

Folding instructions, crease pattern & pictures to the Origami High Density Hydrangea Tessellation, a combined design by Shuzo Fujimoto & Peter Budai.

it takes 168 pieces of paper, but man is it cool when it is done

Open Cube Modular Origami

I connected 14 cubes together to create the rainbow cube chain seen above. It took 168 sheets of paper. You can make an open cube of your own using .