Red Habinero + Yellow Flash = Orange Hokage Naruto

Red Habinero + Yellow Flash = Orange Hokage Naruto I love Naruto forever!


Hokage Naruto he looks best in the first picture, in my opinion. I like him in blue<<<<< nAn I like him in pink!


Me: Pose sexy for me, Naruto~. Naruto: Wait, what? Me: C'mon, I'll give you ramen~! Naruto: Okay *smiles, run a hand through his hair and pose* Me: *fangirl scream* F*uck yeah! *faint* Naruto: *catchs me smiling* Hey! My ramen!

Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto,Anime

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modern deidara #deidara #akatsuki

Is there even such thing as a fem deidara because he looks so feminine already lol If there is a fem deidara i would imagine it would look pretty close to this

yrel is my fuckin gf

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