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Grasshopper Stapler

30 Silly Office Supplies Guaranteed to Make You Smile

30 Silly Office Supplies Guaranteed to Make You Smile via Brit + Co.

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Accesorios que tienes que agregar a tu lista de regreso a clases

Moby Whale Stapler - Don't staple much but this is one stapler that I would like to have on my desk.

「 像手形狀的叉子,,除了造型特殊外,還能輕鬆的捲起義大利麵;這擬人化的造型多了份溫柔親切感,有種媽媽在餵小孩吃飯的感覺。」 --- 椿本恵介

To give you a hand with your pasta. Thumb Wooden Fork by Keisuke Tsubakimoto

animal pocket knife by David Suhami

if you know me, you know i love animals. its awesome Animal Pocket Knife.because adults still wanna play with toys sometimes too! (And no one would ever know hehehe) ;

Nothing says fierce businesswoman like kitty paperclips!  Step into My Paw-fice Paperclips

Keep on Kickin' Leather Bootie

Step into My Paw-fice Paperclips. Add an element of fun to blas paperwork with these adorable paperclips!

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31 Accesorios que te convertirán en el Godínez Premium de tu oficina

Whale Knife No. 3 Fin- Black

Whale Knife No. 2 Minke- Black I dont like the killing of whales, but as a design object, these are wonderful. But killing, bad!

Whale food picks / TechNews24h.com

Whale food picks - these are adorable; would have been perfect for Meghan's whale-themed baby shower!

Moby, whale-shaped stapler with a head for storage! Designed by Hagai Zakai for Monkey Business.

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Ding3000 - Abrollding

Another slick modern tape dispenser. This one would be odd to store at your desk though. Maybe stick it in a pencil holder?