Twelve brothers, hello-o? (only 6 of them portrayed here, because two of them are sitting in Rapunzel and Flynns dungeon and some of the older ones will. Iceburns - comic-fanfic - page 5 of 5

Lol what the ? Frozen/Into the Woods

I laughed so hard when I first saw this. Into the Woods and Frozen. Who'd a thought?

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Lol it's looks like Elsa is eavesdropping on Anna and Kristoff and Hans gets pulled into it.

Iceburns - comic-fanfic - page 1 of 5 by DKettchen

I was shipping Elsa and Hans before the movie even came out hha I was like 'yeah, well, that ginger gal is surely gonna get together with the blonde guy. Iceburns - comic-fanfic - page 1 of 5

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Meg forgot her objective and just had a great time instead. Should have turned the mobile off. Many would have gladly thrown their arms around a lady draping themselves over them, but .