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And this is how Hermione'd hair is supposed to look. Bigger, slightly frizzy. Not wind tunnel, as some seem to think and that's why they made it look different in the movies. And you know what? She still looks beautiful. So there.

The moment when movie hermione had book hermione hair


Hermione Granger, for the cool use of intellect when others were in grave peril.

I always liked the idea of them together...

Harry Potter – Hermione Granger – Emma Watson – Daniel Radcliffe – Harmione <I just realized that they wear the same jackets.

Hermione: "Do you ever stop eating?!" Ron: "I'm hungry."

No, but how Ginny is looking at his plate like, "What's the best way to steal his food?

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She's a mother, a lover, a hero, etc. . She's bloody Hermione Granger. The HP era equivalent of Marauder's Era of Lily Evans

Hermione Granger is more than just the brightest witch of her age. She is also the bravest strongest and kindest

I'll go with you;

I have never ever seen emma watson make this face in any other moment besides this instance and it is precious