Wrap ribbon around the Styrofoam ball,  glue, and tie a bow at the top to make a hanging loop for your ornament. Then, start stacking your buttons in all kinds of patterns and attaching them to the styrofoam ball with the pins. If you wish, you can dab a little glue around the pins and holes to make sure the buttons are secured or leave them open so you can change the colors/buttons easily.

buttons, buttons, buttons----- This reminds me of the ornaments you made with us when we were little! The ones with the shiny glitter circles attached with pins :)

Christmas crafts made of buttons | PicturesCrafts.com

2015 christmas diy white button balls crafts with red ribbon bowknot - christmas gift, button baubles

DIY Button Craft: DIY Button Christmas Ornament. Via http://www.styrofoamcrafts.com/project.aspx?id=179-11484#.Ueae_h01g4Y

Love these I will have to do these with the kids when they are older - just a styro ball, buttons, pearl head pins & a little ribbon. You could jazz them up with a little glitter too. Red & White Keepsake Button Ornament use sequins

DIY Homemade Gifts for Christmas - Button Baubles - Click pic for 25 DIY Christmas Gifts

21 Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

Christmas Button Baubles What a great idea for a use for extra buttons and maybe a craft kids could make! Would make a nice handmade gift!

DIY:  Santa's Belly Ornaments...will look awesome on our "Santa tree" for the Holiday Home tour!

Christmas Craft Idea: Santa’s Belly Ornament and even get kids to write a special note on the paper inside! Maybe a special achievement they've done that year! Do up a new one each year. Put year on the back of the bauble or paper!

Take a styrofoam ball, buttons, and sewing pins. Stick the pins through the holes on the buttons, and then stick the buttons into the styrofoam. Make sure to fill the whole ball with buttons! Have fun!

Google Image Result for http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_QGp8uF_bGzU/SmS6dc0Ve9I/AAAAAAAAAAc/dJ-kHJkREPU/s320/Christmas-ornaments-hand-decorated.jpg

Make Keepsakes with Christmas Ornaments

DIY christmas ornaments - no pattern...from a Etsy site but should be fairly easy to figure out.

beaded tree ornament - Handmade, wire-wrapped & beaded Christmas tree is made with a combination of dark colored annealed steel and copper wire or bright steel wire & a colourful mix of glass, resin, lucite & crystalsI love this

39 Ways To Decorate A Glass Ornament

39 Ways To Decorate A Glass Ornament

DIY Button Snowflake Ornament

Ashley's Snowflake Ornament