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Smallest shark - Most people think of a shark as a big violent predator with very sharp teeth ranging the sea in search of food. But in fact, there are over 400 different species of sharks. Did you know that sharks are some of the most amazing and most misunderstood creatures on the planet? So, for you to understand them more, here is the list of smallest sharks ever lived in the world

20+ Smallest Shark in the World and You’ll Be Amazed After Knowing it

Tasty Batch of Random Stuff, great white shark in the ocean Actually this is a Tiger Shark

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Sharks are Apex predators needed to keep our oceans healthy and in balance. Photo by Ellen Cuylaerts.

White Water Shark Print or Canvas

White Water Shark Print or Canvas

She is so lucky to have experienced  this. I am  envious of her right now

Extreme ~ Great white sharks are like the grizzly bears of the sea. What may start as a peaceful and beautiful encounter can go completely south in a split second. Wild animals must ALWAYS be treated with respect and caution.

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The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest known extant fish species. Love all the remoras attached to this one :) STOP EATING SHARK'S FIN SOUP

remewane: “0ce4n-g0d: “ Carcharodon Carcharias by Vitaliy Sokol ” Love and appreciate all life… sharks are the tigers or the wolves of the sea. We need our apex predators ”

The shark’s heavy, torpedo-shaped body allows it to cruise efficiently for long periods of time, and then suddenly switch to high speed bursts in pursuit of prey—sometimes leaping out of the water

lone hammerhead

"The oceans ballerina" the hammerhead shark. I heard a marine biologist call them that on Discovery Channel when I was really young and I never forget it. That was the moment I realized that this was my favorite animal ever.