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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - I loved their relationship, CEO Ahn was SO IN LOVE WITH HER and not afraid to show it! Super refreshing from the often love-hate relationships in kdramas.

I loved this character in the manwha despite his dubious moral choices. Kinda missing the manwha hair though. #OrangeMarmalade #kdrama #korean - created via

Love the second male in Orange Marmalade! Anyways, this scene here is the relationship of Austin and Emma during first half of season

First Impressions: “Bride Of The Water God” Is The Full Package With Strong Chemistry + Gorgeous Aesthetics

ParkHyungsik 22日午後、JTBCの金土ドラマ『力強い女 ト・ボンスン』の制作発表会

ParkHyungsik 22日午後、JTBCの金土ドラマ『力強い女 ト・ボンスン』の制作発表会

I laugh cry and die in that one hour

I laugh cry and die in that one hour, or pulling a all nighter, and crying like 16 times.