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He that understands quickly, listens patiently, pursues his objects with judgment and not from desire and spends not his breath on the affairs of others without being asked, is said to possess the foremost mark of wisdom.

Lord Ganesha

Dancing Ganesha, South Indian Tanjore Painting on BoardTraditional Colors with 24 Karat GoldArtist:Hemlata Kumawat

Dans l’hindouisme, Gaṇesh, Gaṇesha, Vinâyaka, Gaṇapati est le dieu qui supprime les obstacles. Il est aussi le dieu de la sagesse, de l’intelligence, de l’éducation et de la prudence, le patron des écoles et des travailleurs du savoir. Il est le fils de Shiva et Pârvatî, l’époux de Siddhi (le Succès), Buddhi (l'Intellect) et Riddhî (la Richesse)........

Look how beautiful lord Ganesha is! I might cry of how beautiful they have him depicted here :') - Lord Ganesha // The remover of all obstacles; the deity of intellect, wisdom, and new beginnings.

This is an original hand-painted Mural on canvas.  Size: 100 cm x 120 cm (approx.)  Shipping and Delivery: Free shipping all across Canada!

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