Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Underwater Wreck, Donglu Yu on ArtStation at

artissimo: assassin’s creed iv black flag underwater wreck by donglu yu CFSL.NET CAFE SALE -ARTBOOK A friend of mine has this cook and its gorgeous! I mean…this art is breath taking

The Art Of Animation, Jocelyn Da Prato. Hmm I never like stained glass but I really like this. Enough to put it in my house. This would be so cool!

Awesome fantasy church or temple, love the fuchsia stained glass! The Art Of Animation, Jocelyn Da Prato

The Art Of Animation, Jonas De Ro

The Art Of Animation, Jonas De Ro Concept Art SteamPunk Fashion Sci-Fi I pinned this because i thought it would make a good background concept for my character design.

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I like how the armours depicted in the artwork are based on actual Chinese armours instead of the "fantasized" armour we so often found in Chinese wuxia and period drama/movie. Chi-Hoo Shrine by Sean Soong on deviantART

Balance, aproximación, variedad, proporción énfasis en el color del personaje y su caballo.

The Forest of Statues story forest waterfall river Fantasy art from many different artist. Elves, dragon, and fairy's Oh My. Angels, unicorn and.

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This is the cover art for the second book of " a song of fire and ice" by George R. I tried to depict king's landing small dirty streets,. Tyrion in King's landing