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My Chemical Romance ~ Frerard ;)

My Chemical Romance ~ Frerard If you're in the MCRmy, you know that Frank drops his guitar for nothing but Gee

Frerard kiss. Look at Frank grabbing Gerard's face, though!

Look at Frank grabbing Gerard's face, though! I'm legit fangirling soooooo hard rn

some people have way too much time on their hands<<<<<<but I love it

Yes, this is how farfetched some theories sound in terms of shipping.<<<<I fucking love us Frerard shippers XD

How am I just now finding these?!? These are beautiful :')

Gerard Way. I don't like it when people smoke, but boy, Gerard makes smoking look HOT; Bitch, gerard way makes everything look hot.

Every picture of MCR is the best picture of MCR howbow dah?

I thought Ray was wearing a striped t-shirt and it's actually Mikey


I'm so sad My Chemical Romance has broken up, but I will forever be one of their Killjoys. I love you guys and thanks for the unforgettable music. THANK YOU MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE