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Handsome little man!

Thug life Chihuahua<<Those are the eyes of a pup that has seen some hard times and grew tough.

One of my favorites!

"This manicure is making me sleepy." Our relaxing Spa Manicure at Bella Reina Spa is the perfect cure for Holiday stress.

With a camera and a bucket of treats, Shaina Fishman set herself up in a photo studio and watched puppies and their parents at play. The result is a wealth of delightful, irresistibly cute images: dog

So far, the book, which was released last week, has received many positive responses, with people commenting on their favourite combinations of pooches

Cardigan Welsh Corgi - those eyes!

Mini Corgi Planter Pots

Cardigan Welsh Corgi with his jolly ball- those eyes cardiganwelshcorgi