Pastel goth chans by *zambicandy

As soon as I saw Tokimekiwaku’s mermaids I knew I had to draw them with my peg and alpac.

I’m depressed so I’m watching Invader Zim and nodding off how is ur day going

You're my little sparkle jump rope queen, you're my little sparkle

Sugar Sweet Galaxy by raevynewings

I want everyone to appreciate the fact I included a black hole sucking in an intergalactic ice cream cone.

i'm reposting thing because i have psychosis and hallucinate and i thought it was fucking funny

pastel goth... so cute ^_^ When I can finally dye my hair I will definitely be the pastel goth.

I'm surprisingly diggin' the hardcore girl better than the pastel goth. ❤❤ guess I can have the best of both worlds :)

I adore the people who are true to themselves and express themselves honestly, it's such a great quality and if your a skinny little twig to a girl with some junk for the trunk. If you just be you no one gonna have anythang on ya.