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Jason Todd and Artemis discover Black Mask's secret weapon: a clone of Superman...and he might be a little bizzare... Get RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #3, available 10/12!

“Dark Trinity” part three! Red Hood and Artemis set aside their differences when they discover the powerful weapon that Black Mask has been after: a fully-forme

Spooky it can be said that Black Flash is the fastest Flash because he is technically a Flash ------------------------------------------ So when speedsters are on the verge of death they see this entity come to steal their soul


23 cosas absurdas de Superman, Batman y Robin.

From the superheroes appeared in their own comic book series, World's Finest Comics, and it was ridiculous.


Hard not to cry like who created this I am like the strongest emotional person you will meet and I almost DIED WHO CREATED THIS? I am coming for you!>>>from the Injustice Gods among us comic

I hope their relationship in the new movie is like this

I hope their relationship in the new movie is like this

Don't mess with Alfred....He's amazing and super protective. Dammmnnn:

You Don't F**k with Alfred!

Don't mess with Alfred.did Alfred Pennyworth (an elderly HUMAN) just kick SUPERMAN's butt?<<<Alfred Pennyworth could kick anyone's butt.

Justice League #39 cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson

Jason Fabok on