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Wildheart Lámina

Wildheart Art Print by Carolyne Hawley - A gorgeous art print and if you look closely you will see Native Americans on the upper leg and neck of this beautiful horse

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The Katydid, by Steve Passlow What a beautiful photograph. I'm so glad Steve Passlow shared this shot.

.love the hand prints on

Sioux War Pony Live horse painted by Karol Two Bear For the War Pony Project. I have a large fascination with seeing horses in war paint

Pottok horses on Bianditz mountain, in Navarra. Behind lie the Aiako mountains. The Pottok (Wikipedia) is an endangered, semi-feral breed of pony native to the Pyrenees of the Basque Country, Pottoka being the Basque language name for this horse, both north and south of the mountains.

Beautiful photograph of horses by Mikel Ortega on Bianditz mountain in Navarre, Spain. In the background you can see Aiako mountains landscapes.

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I love everything about this pic.the three running horses, their clear reflection in the water, the hazy blue mountain background, the freedom.

Horse & beach.

Lesley Harrison Painting Animals That Touch The Heart - Horse in Water - Lesley Harrison Horse Paintings Wallpaper 27