In the name of COFFEE! CoffeeLovers - What are you thankful for today?

I love my healthy coffee and tea

If coffee was our pen pal we'd share this card-Dear Coffee, I Love You via Etsy Lisa Congdon (I'd say that to tea but still)


Coffee Lovers know that coffee's unique aroma makes it bearable to be awake. God created the coffee bean because He knew CoffeeLovers would need this kind of inspiration to be awake. God is awesome like that!

It was an early morning...

"Coffee & Mornings~ Coffee is the matter what the question." [Photo by ~Moon Stumpp~ (Moon Stumpp) October 4

Sometimes I like coffee more than I like people.

Sometimes is an understatement

I think I like coffee more than people. Coffee soothes my nerves and people get on my nerves

Cool Coffee Quote | For the philosopher inside all of us | #coffeequote

I think, therefore, I've had my coffee. - I wish I could still drink coffee everyday.