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Tree engulfing a headstone in Nottingham, UK

Tree Eating a Gravestone

General Cemetery, Nottingham - Too bad this tree wasn't cut down before it ruined the stone. The stone is in good shape except the damage (the crack) caused by pressure from the tree. I'm assuming this is slate and the engraving is certainly beautiful

and this is why green is my favorite

Tree, forming a canopy. Does this, or does this not, resemble a single leaf? The repetitive patters in nature are amazing. (see: fractals.

Nature or Nurture...

Mother Nature Photo: This Photo was uploaded by sourcepb. Find other Mother Nature pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image an.

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weeping willows

the weeping willow tree is one of the most easily recognizable deciduous trees due to its gently 'weeping' branches and foliage.

~~Waves of Hawaii by CJ Kale~~

Life is like a sea. We are moving without end. Nothing stays with us. What remain is just the memories of some people, who touched us as waves . Keep going on is the way out of positive life !

Friday Inspiration #103 - HisPotion. Stay strongly rooted and you can overcome anything!

Tree in Australia -Roots always find their way home to mother earth :)

The best winter hiking tips I've found

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Azalea bushes at Tokyo, Japan

20 Must See Alluring Places On Earth

Bucket List: to visit Japan - Azalea bushes at Shiofune Kannon Temple, Tokyo, Japan

Grand Tetons. One of the most breathtaking places on earth!

Geese on Dawn Flight, Snake River, Grand Teton National Park by Mark Lissick. Canadian geese on dawn flight over the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.