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Discreet dotwork butterfly and dragonfly on the nape by Axel Ejsmont.

12 Subtle and Dainty Nature Tattoos You have enjoyed our article on elegant and discreet tattoos, so we have collected more, with a focus on Nature tattoos. Nature is full of tiny yet precious.

I love the idea of an evergreen tattoo as a symbol of something that remains strong throughout every season, it could represent faithfulness.

Oooh i love this, especially the yellow fade

Firefly Temporary Tattoo, Collection of Lightning Bug Tattoo, Glowing Insect, Nature Tattoo Firefly Temporary Tattoo, Collection of .


100 Real-Girl Tiny Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink: If you're a little nervous about a permanent stamp, the best way to start is with something small.

If You See Someone With A Feather Tattoo, This Is What It Means

Feather tattoos can have numerous meanings, and people get them for a number of reasons. simply some of the widespread tattoo designs, feathers have a number of symbolism at the back of them, however

15 tatuagens geométricas que fascinam Mais

15 tatuagens geométricas que fascinam

15 tatuagens geométricas que fascinam Mais

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs with Amazing and Eye-Catching Style : simple dragonfly tattoo. Simple dragonfly tattoo on the forearm with long tail.

Around the Breast Tattoo #ink #inked #tatted

"Let me see how much side boob I can get away with.ok I think I'll start with barely covering up my nipple.