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This is some more concept art from the game Guild Wars 2 this time representing the Sylvari (plant people) area. I like the usage of green and the vibrant painting style that the artist uses in the other concept art for the game.

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Black Forest Dryads are a variation of the common dryads that are specifically created by.

"Пост любви" - Kekai Kotaki – 233 фотографии

Concept Art - Guild Wars The artists of Arena.Net are renowned for their amazing concept art. The above is by Kekai Kotaki, a Spectrum Gold Medal for Concept Art winn.

Carlos Cabrera is a digital concept artist and illustrator based in Argentina. He has some mind blowing works, trow them a look by scrolling below.

Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 5 by Brian Sum, Shaddy Safadi, Levi Hopkins & March 2014


High Res Final Dragon Age III - Underground Black Prince by Niko Nikizar

Spirits of Durthu Bestiary by Igor Sid. ArtStation For Age of Sigmar Battletome: Sylvaneth. All right reserved Games Workshop.

cyberclays: “ Warhammer: Spirits of Durthu Bestiary - by Igor Sid “For Age of Sigmar Battletome: Sylvaneth. All right reserved Games Workshop” ”

Sylvaneth seeking vengeance against Khorne Bloodbound

Sylvaneth, par (auteur inconnu), in Age of Sigmar, par Games Workshop


Let's start this new creative withe chinese artist Zhong Fenghua, working as a concept artist for LOFCG school

Cyclop and his pet We walk among the land with a mask of two: One eye me, One eye you… Artwork by Thierry Doizon.

Somewhere, far off on another planet, this is happening right now. Good luck to you mighty warrior!

Best Horse Pictures gallery of digital art. I scan homepages of digital artists all over the world for horse pictures (artworks) and publish the best ones on the site.