The Japanese art of kirigami combines the paper folding of origami with strategic cutting.

Crafted by Ingrid Siliakus inspired by Prof Masahiro Chatani - Professional Japanese Architect


Transformation is an elegant origamic architecture-style pop-up paper sculpture by artist Ingrid Siliakus, a perfect handmade gift card for any occasion.

London landmarks reinvented as 3D paper art

London landmarks reinvented as 3D paper art

Pop-Up Cards Of London’s Famous Landmarks London-based paper goods company Paper Tango, which specializes in greeting cards, has created a beautiful collection of paper-cut pop-up cards of London’s iconic architectural landmarks named ‘Spots London’.

Paper art by Ingrid Siliakus (6)

Ingrid Siliakus’ Origamic Architecture

"Bouwfonds Ontwikkelings project seen from above" by Ingrid Siliakus, Paper architect/artist,Amsterdam, The Netherlands.