MiraJane and Laxus

Mirajane X Laxus Fairy Tail Mirajane X Laxus --- Fairy Tail

Remember in the beginning of the anime, Levy had a .... ummm...... ok size. What happened? Not that I'm complaining! Ugh this just sounds wrong.

This is an incomplete version that I threw together in a few minutes. These heights work from a variety of sources, including Mashima's canon comparison charts. It is not supposed to be exact - giv.

Gruvia. Haha, Lucy's and Natsu's faces though. And not quite sure what Gajeel's doing, but I love it. :)

So many things like my Brotp Gajeel and Juvia to Jyon and Meredy its just amazing

The first time I saw this I was like "OMG SHE HAS HIS CLOTHES"

Juvia is the fvcking adorable stalker, even the crazy assumptions are still adorable! She got your back Gray!