Garden Frolic Quilt Pattern.

Garden Frolic Yo-Yo Quilt by Marcia Layton This is a cute butterfly quilt that any little girl would love and it can be made in 3 sizes. Kids can make the Yo-Yo's

Vintage 1930s Butterfly Quilt.

Vintage Butterfly Quilt by scoutdrygoods on Etsy, i want to make this Lai Thomas Lai Thomas Medus this is a cute one!

Butterfly Baby Quilt/Wallhanging  Pink Brown and by pajamapatti, $39.50

Butterfly Baby and/or Toddler Quilt -- Pink, Brown and White Butterflies

Grandma's butterfly quilt pattern

Butterfly quilt- nearly three years in the making

I’m not kidding. Nearly (pause) three (pause) years…(final pause). I started this quilt for my friend Kristin the way I start most of my projects- full of enthusiasm and raring to go.