This cute creature eats fruit with enthusiasm. If your home built near a fruit bearing tree, vines or fruit bushes, you have most likely seen squirrels happily hoarding and munching these mount watering fruits.

That’s the problem these days…

Funny pictures about Teenage photographers. Oh, and cool pics about Teenage photographers. Also, Teenage photographers photos.

It's never about colour .. it,s all about behaviour

The intensity of the eyes of a Jaguar, and it's relatives the Leopard and Black Panther speaks of their nature to be focused at all times, to be crafting it's next move, thinking ahead by 3 steps.

beautiful owls

What'd You Say About My Woman?

Two beautiful Great Horned Owls perching on a conifer branch looking into the camera. These beautiful birds are magical creatures.

Foxes. How wonderful.

These fox kits played rough--lots of pouncing, wrestling and biting--yet I never saw one loose its temper with its litter-mates.Photograph Siblings by John Dykstra

RESPLENDENT QUETZAL - Pharomachrus mocinno. . . Montane cloud forest from S Mexico to W Panama . . . Photo: Jim Moore

Quetzal - Pharomachrus mocinno… Montane cloud forest from S Mexico to W Panama … Photo: Jim Moore ”

Barred Eagle Owl, Singapore - by BenzQuek

Gufo reale della Malesia (Barred Eagle Owl, Singapore - by BenzQuek)