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Museo de Amblettes - Uniform Admiral Coast

Museo de Amblettes - Uniform Admiral Coast

A paratrooper of the 9. Fallschirmjaeger-Division (kneeling) and a German marine from the Panzergrenadier Division 'Kurmark', Heeresgruppe 'Wechsel', Battle of Berlin, April 1945. Approximately 1,000 Marines were attached to the 'Kurmark' Division, an ad hoc and understrength divisio

A paratrooper of the Fallschirmjaeger-Division (kneeling) and a German marine…

This is a reproduction of a German Navy U-Boat Submariners Captains Peaked cap with 70+ years of ageing and numerous heavy oil stains and some worn areas as worn by the Captain of a unknown submarine from WWII.    The peak, liner and chinstrap etc. all show good wear and both the inside and outside are heavily oil stained and aged. Notice the gold emblem and Captains peak ranking are dark and tarnished.    Notice the wear, dirt and oil stains particularly on the top of the cap.

A Testament To The War Beneath The Waves, A German Navy U-Boot Commander's cap.