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Zuko got a tumblr!!!

I always carry the grocery bags in one trip, even though I nearly kill myself doing it lol

Ahahaha well, dead serious because they took the game dead serious

It's almost 1 am and I can't stop laughing

So I watch Sesame Street with my toddler. Every time the Mister Noodle routine is on, this story is all I can think of.

Oh gosh

My little sister was born on April Fool's too, and my mom called my aunt to tell…

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"Oh my gods"--Just realized that first girl is probably a Percy Jackson fan.<<<<oh my gods

Why are people so demanding? Jeez, people wonder why I like fictional characters more. Although, being hollow, I can't say I care about other people, either. I just wanna kill this boss.


You must make implications not direct statements. For example: he didn't get stabbed exactly 27 times in his chest. The sharp blade had a deep love for his flesh and for that he wished to carve his love within him.


Last night I tried to take a sip of water but completely missed my mouth and poured all the water straight down my low cut shirt


i cracked up laughing and this is literally the third time i've seen this! i literally can't stop laughing!