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7 minutes underwater. Who could be my father?

Percy Jackson Humor and by the way i hate percy jackson movies! The books are amazing!<< i know right irts like 7 Minuets gee i wonder who? AND IN THE MOVIE THEY LEFT OUT THE WHOLE"whos my father?" there just like oh btw ur dads posiden

Esto es literalmente la relación de Annabeth y Percy: -A: eres un idiota. -P: tienes razón. ¿pero por que?

Let's make sea weed brain the new percabeth please! Also Annabeth has been shipping her and Percy since they met. Seaweed for Percy Brain for Annabeth!

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Plot twist: Jason and piper named their daughter after their fallen friend-Hazel. Then using his Dionysus-given name as his pen name, he became an author under the alias, John Green and wrote a book capturing his beloved daughter's tragic love story.