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Yep my home room teacher thought I was poor and bought me a christmas present. I should really dress better.


So true. yes, i mean like take a flipping hint people. this problem is at my school. once again take a HINT people!

im not a teenager but this is sooooo me!!!!!

Teenager Post It may look like I'm having really deep thoughts but of the time I'm just thinking about what food I'm going to eat later.

My. Life.

Literally my life fear an attractive popular guy asks me out. Is this a joke. Who payed you lol

XD when there's that one strange hair doing its thing on the top of your head


omg yes when you thought you looked good all day but then you look in the mirror and it ruins every thing

I believe this. Like if you agree

girls boys win humor jokes burn joke teen quote girl quotes funny joke oooh BURN>>>SO funny!

Every time :)

Whenever we are in class and the teacher walks out of the room, it instantaneously becomes complete and utter chaos. The teacher walks back in and someone is like," everyone act like nothing just happened" only to have everyone look completely unnatural

Me while watching a movie: No no no no no! Oh! What! Why? Dummy! Oo you are going to get in trouble  Me later: See! There. Told ya so.

I actually talk to the characters on TV shows I watch and movies I watch. You know I like movie or TV show when I talk to it.if I don't talk to it.it either means I am LOVING it or hating it.if I talk to it they just don't listen