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Wheres Carl?

If Carl were my kid I would let the zombies eat him! How many times do you have to tell a kid to stay away from the freakin' zombies?

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Oh Carl..

The Walking Dead -- "Lori, where's Carl? I was just off being pregnant, thinking about how I never know where Carl's at." LORI I SWEAR TO GOD


Andrew Lincoln And Norman Reedus Bromance Photo Gallery: 'The Walking Dead' Actors Celebrate Their Manly Love For Rick Grimes And Daryl Dixon Shippers


Walking Dead season 3 episode 13 meme Rick - We're going to war, but we're gonna talk about it for 3 more episodes first. Sad but true


Um that's definitely not an option-The Walking Dead funny memes

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the walking dead

Hershel, The Walking Dead. I was just thinking on Sunday that Hershel looks like Santa.

So...what'd I miss? One hell of a church service!!

- Meme - Season 5 Episode 3 - Four Walls and a Roof - Fangirl - The Walking Dead